Meet the Author: OC Lucy Ashe

Meet the Author: OC Lucy Ashe

On Wednesday 31 January the School Book Club had the pleasure of hosting a Zoom meeting with the club's Patron, author and Old Carthusian Lucy Ashe. The pupils asked Lucy perceptive questions and came away with valuable insight into her writing process and the inspiration for her novel Clara & Olivia

I had such a lovely time. The pupils asked great questions and were a delight to chat with. Thank you for inviting me to join.

Lucy Ashe

The School Book Club meet every Wednesday afternoon in the Daniel Wray Room adjacent to Library. The club is led by pupil Alison (Year 11) and the other members are AJ (Year 10), Slava (Year 10), Violet (Year 9), Lucy (Year 9) and Harrison (Year 9), supported by Librarian Mrs Jo Turner. 

Novelist Lucy Ashe, trained at the Royal Ballet School for eight years before attending Charterhouse (where she was in Saunderites) and then going on to university. She read English Literature and then became a teacher. Her poetry and short stories have been published in a number of literary journals and she was shortlisted for the 2020 Impress Prize for New Writers.

The pupils' questions covered topics including the writing process itself; the inspiration for and influences on her novel, including her favourite authors and genre of novel;  the origins of the title and design of her novel; the instability of the human mind, including the idea that there are two sides to a character; the fragility of ballet and indeed ballet dancers, and the challenges and cost of learning ballet.

 AJ in particular asked Lucy many interesting and thoughtful questions, which she very much enjoyed. 

Lucy's next book The Sleeping Beauties, an unputdownable tale of obsession, jealousy and heartache against the backdrop of WW2, will be published in the UK on Thursday 15 February.

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