The Network Summit

The Network Summit is a series of engaging events and discussions from leading academics in the UK, on a variety of subjects and university courses from Chemistry to Law, and History to Mathematics.

This is an opportunity for pupils to make better and more informed decisions, to debate and discuss with leading intellectuals in their fields. This is suitable for all ages, but is particularly aimed at Year 10, Year 11, and Lower Sixth Form pupils as they look towards the next stage of their academic careers, be it university, work experience, or A-Level choices.

For pupils who have made up their mind and know what they want to do, this experience will seek to further enhance their understanding of the subject at hand. While we don't have all the subjects on offer, we do have a wide diversity of topics, discussions, and subject areas which nonetheless engage every pupil.

Find the Network Summit's schedule here:

Network Summit schedule

To learn more about the Network Summit, follow their page on Linkedin:

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