Outdoor Education at its best

Field trip to Dale Fort Educational Field Centre in Pembrokeshire

On 20 May, 35 pupils studying Biology for the IB Diploma Progamme carried out their field work for their Independent Investigations at Dale Fort educational field centre in Pembrokeshire, together with four teachers and experts in the intertidal ecology from the centre.  Dale Fort is ideally situated to allow the collection of data from contrasting sites either side of the peninsular with laboratories for writing up the data after tea!

Dale Fort was built in 1856 as part of a system of twelve fortifications to deter Napoleon’s forces from attacking the Pembroke Dockyard. In 1959 it was sold to the Field Studies Council and has been run ever since as an educational field centre used by thousands of students each year.

One of the pupils commented: "This is the best Biology lesson we've ever had!"

Pupils collecting data 

Pupils writing up their data



Video Collection