Outstanding GCSE Results

This is the first year that all GCSEs at Charterhouse have been graded on the new 9-1 scale.

The grades 9, 8 and 7 replace the previous A* and A grades, and at Charterhouse over 50% of pupils’ grades were 9-8, an incredible achievement in this new grading system. Furthermore, 25% of all grades awarded were 9, the highest possible grade attainable, and well above the former A*.

All of our pupils take at least 9 GCSEs, and of these an impressive 46 pupils gained 9 or more GCSEs that were all graded 9-7.

Finally, 24 pupils achieved grades all of which were classed in the 9-8 band, the highest marks available at GCSE.

Dr Alex Peterken, Headmaster, expressed his delight at what pupils have achieved, and gratitude to teaching staff who have guided and supported pupils so well through these examination reforms.

To view the examination results table, please see here.