Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence

 As part of a ground-breaking student exploration of Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence (AI), some of our Year 9 pupils are in the process of creating documentary films on various aspects of AI’s impact on our world in the present and future. This involves student-led research, filming and interviews arranged by the pupils themselves with experts in the field.

The first such interview took place on 8 May which saw Matthew Parnall, Takuma Ejima-Dalley, Martin Young and Amir Baradar head to BBC Broadcasting House to interview the BBC Technology Correspondent, Rory Cellan-Jones. Having made all of the arrangements themselves, the pupils conducted a superb interview with probing questions about AI, consciousness and the rights issues around this rapidly-growing area of technological endeavour. Mr Cellan-Jones’ insights were invaluable to their film and the experience of being at the BBC was one they will never forget. Particularly memorable was the encouragement they got from a passer-by, urging them to ask tougher questions who just happened to be Lyse Doucet, the BBC Chief International Correspondent. The whole afternoon was a great privilege for the pupils and also a brilliant example of what Carthusian initiative can lead to.

This is but the first of many such interviews over the coming weeks with world experts in the field of AI. Over the coming weeks, other groups will be travelling to Oxford University, UCL, The Guardian Newspaper and others – all of these interviews have been independently coordinated by the pupils. The films themselves will be premiered on Thursday 21 June in Artifex. 


Video Collection