Pupil in World Scholar’s Cup final

Christie Yan competes in the prestigious Tournament of Champions at Yale University

Year 12 pupil Christie Yan has defeated more than 5,000 other scholars from over 50 countries across the globe to make it through to the Tournament of Champions in the World Scholar’s Cup. The prestigious academic competition prides itself on being a celebration of learning and enrichment for those who participate.

Having fought off tough competition in Hong Kong and Melbourne quizzing over subjects such as science, art, music, history and literature, Christie and her team mates will conclude their first year in the competition at the final at Yale University in the US.

Christie describes her journey here:

“I first got into World Scholar's Cup through my best friend who had been doing it for the past few years. He really encouraged me to do it so I thought I would give it a try at the Hong Kong regional round with two others as my team mates.

This year we've competed at the Hong Kong regional round and the Melbourne global round, amassing over 50 medals combined. We will be concluding our first season as a team at the Yale University Tournament of Champions after qualifying third in the Far East division in Melbourne. To be able to compete against others who are equally as passionate as learning about the world at Yale is an opportunity I'll forever be grateful for, and it means a lot for both myself and my team mates that we've achieved this and done so well at rounds against hundreds of teams and thousands of students.”

Founded by Daniel Berdichevsky the first World Scholar’s Cup took place in Korea in 2007: a small regional tournament hosted at the Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies. The first “global” round followed a few weeks later, bringing together students from Korea, Singapore, and the United States.

For more information on the prestigious event, please visit the Scholar’s Cup website here.


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