Royal Economics Society Trip

Pupils learn from leading LSE Economics Professor, Oriana Bandiera

Nine pupils studying Economics visited the Royal Economics Society on Wednesday 21 November to hear a talk by Oriana Bandiera, Professor of Economics at London School of Economics (LSE), who specialises in development economics.

It was a fascinating insight into the way professional economists approach problems. Professor Bandiera explored ‘what economists really do’ and particularly their efforts to analyse and advise on policies to fight extreme poverty and promote economic development to transform people’s lives.

The main example focused on Professor Bandiera’s own work in Zambia where she considered the effect of incentives for nurses on child malnutrition. Her work underpinned a policy implemented by the Ministry of Health in Zambia to recruit and motivate a new team of health workers called ‘community health assistants’ (CHAs). This research and policy led to a 24% reduction in malnutrition in Zambia.

Our thanks to Professor Bandiera for this insightful and enjoyable lecture.