Schools' Analyst Competition

Schools' Analyst Competition

An annual initiative by The Royal Society of Chemistry, the Schools' Analyst Competition, enables pupils in Year 12 to apply their chemistry knowledge in a fun and rewarding way.

On Thursday 23 May, the Science department hosted a regional heat with pupils from Charterhouse, St. Peter’s Catholic School and Prior’s Field School competing for a place in the next round of the national competition.

In this competition pupils were analytical chemists assisting their local Trading Standards Office, investigating some unusual products on sale at Super Sugar Candy Store. The store sells sweets, treats, and drinks from around the world, but the Trading Standards officers suspected that some of the items on sale contained ingredients that are restricted or are in the incorrect amounts.

The first test had pupils using a titration procedure to investigate the vitamin C content of effervescent vitamin energy tablets. They went on to determine the colour composition of brightly coloured sweets using chromatography. Finally, using the reaction of baking soda with an acid and measuring the volume of carbon dioxide gas produced, pupils were able to determine why a ‘ready-to-bake’ cake mixture resulted in cakes which came out flat and stodgy.

 We look forward to hearing how the teams got on in the competition when results are announced at the end of June.

Congratulations to all involved!