Science for Schools

'Science for Schools' is an exciting new outreach programme run by the Science faculty at Charterhouse.

Through the initiative, local primary schools are invited to the Charterhouse Science Laboratories for one afternoon a week over three weeks. During their sessions, the children are shown stimulating demonstrations and, more importantly, get the opportunity to perform hands on investigations into scientific principles.

Our first session includes an introduction to chemical change and making brilliant blue copper sulphate crystals. The second session involves designing a crumple zone for a cart as well as a parachute to protect some particularly fragile hard boiled eggs.

Our sessions conclude with an investigation of how maggots change their behaviour based on light and dark conditions.

As a finale, the children are shown a few of the most exciting demonstrations Charterhouse Chemistry department has to offer, including a whoosh bottle, a screaming jelly baby and the combustion of some methane bubbles. Through the sessions we aim to ignite an enthusiasm for science in the visiting pupils as well as introducing them to scientific equipment and investigative skills.

We asked a few pupils from St Edmund's how they'd enjoyed the programme:

I didn't really want to hold the maggots because they were so gross but I learnt so much and it was lots of fun! - Sophia 

I really enjoyed the Chemistry experiment because it was so interesting and made me feel smart! - Luciano

I really enjoyed making the crystals because it was lots of fun mixing everything together and using the bunsen burners, which we don't have at our school. - Sophie 

I enjoyed the Chemistry session as it gave me an insight into what we'll be doing in Yeay 7 and now I'm really looking forward to it! - Alex