Science Week

Science Week

Last week, as part of our commitment to fostering scientific curiosity and education, School was abuzz with exciting activities during Charterhouse Science Week.

The week kicked off with a bang as 30 Year 6 students from one of our local partnership schools, St Edmunds Catholic Primary School in Godalming, joined us for a captivating session titled 'Fun with Maggots'. Following this, they were treated to a thrilling 'Whizzes, Bangs, and Pops' demonstration by Head of Chemistry, David Dickinson.

Continuing the momentum, we welcomed 45 Year 5 and 6 pupils from St Mark and All Saints Primary School to our Carousel Programme on Wednesday. In an engaging Chemistry lesson, they delved into the transformation of copper pennies to brass and explored various metals.

On Thursday, Science Made Simple continued their mission to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers with three captivating lectures in the Lecture Theatre. Year 6 pupils from The Chandler School were treated to a fascinating exploration of sound, from its basics to the future of music technology, in the Music to My Ears show. Meanwhile, Year 9 pupils were inspired by The X-tra Factor, which shed light on six remarkable women in STEM whose contributions often go unnoticed. Great fun was had by all, with some dazzling demonstrations peppered throughout the talks.

Year 13 International Baccalaureate Higher Level Chemistry pupils were off-timetable Monday to Wednesday last week working hard on their Internal Assessments. All pupils successfully developed, carried out and wrote up their own investigation, learning a huge amount about how science works in the process, and deserve great credit for their determination and commitment. Well done, all! 

The excitement culminated in the Fourth Annual STEM Fair in celebration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, at School. Visitors from local schools and Carthusians alike enjoyed wide range of disciplines and societies including dissection, robotics, a pop-up veterinary surgery, 3D printing, VR headsets, Women in STEM, spectacular chemical reactions and much more.

Charterhouse Science Week was not just a series of events but a source of inspiration for all involved. It underscores our commitment to nurturing a passion for Science and empowering the scientists and engineers of tomorrow.