Skills Builder Day

Skills Builder Day

On Monday 17 June, as part of the FutureU Programme, Year 10 pupils spent the day participating in a series of interactive workshops. These workshops were carefully crafted to help pupils' understanding and develop their transferable skills, such as teamwork, communication and problem-solving. 

Today at School was great! The teambuilding session was a lot of fun; we worked together to build the highest tower possible with limited resources. I learned a lot from the day and am excited to use these new skills!

Year 10 pupil

The year group rotated around three workshops through the day

  • How to deliver an effective presentation with Mr James Hazeldine.
  • Transferable skills with the Futures Team.
  • My Communication Essentials with Mr Andrew Wright, founder of Oxford Life Skills.

Through hands-on activities, real-world scenarios, and collaborative projects, pupils gained valuable insights into how these skills apply in various professional contexts. 

Amanda Jasper, Futures Coordinator

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