The Perceiver Magazine

Do you ever think about the way you perceive the world? A group of our Year 11 and Year 12 pupils certainly have. They have launched the first issue of their independent magazine forum, The Perceiver, collating a broad range of articles from the finest of young adult writers. 

The aim of The Perceiver is to promote critical thinking and intercultural voices at the heart of their works. In the midst of many global challenges, they wish to reflect on the fundamental problems of current institutions and governing systems. Taking critical thinking as the centre-piece of their works, The Perceiver explore the strengths and weaknesses of different solutions in renewing our systems. The Perceiver hopes to help their writers and readers enter the adult world with a developed, ambitious mind dedicated to making the world a better place. 

If you wish to follow their work and view their first issue, please use the links below:

The Perceiver magazine 

Perceiver Website