Art in the City

Art in the City

Studio has a strong tradition of life drawing and visits to art galleries abroad and more locally. International Baccalaureate (IB) Visual Artists contextual studies paid a recent trip to The Camden Art Centre and Tate Modern in London.

Camden’s current exhibition Bloomberg New Contemporaries was a unique opportunity to view 55 of the most exciting artists emerging from UK art schools and alternative peer-to-peer learning programmes. The work was inspiring and relevant. Everyone quickly found an artist that fuelled their own studio practice or comparative study; many contemporary concerns were explored, such as care, kinship, collectivity, climate justice, world-building, geographical borders, and identity politics.

After a very healthy lunch in the Bar Bicicletta, pupils travelled to Tate Modern, recording the city on the way. A familiar venue for some, pupils were able to focus in on artists that informed their individual projects.

It was rewarding to not only see their engagement and recordings but to also hear the Sixth Form pupils sharing creative thoughts and ambitions.

Mr James Bingham, teacher of Art

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