Inspirational House Graffiti Art

'The Times Are Changing': Director of Art, Mr Monkman reports from the recent Artifex 2021 graffiti competition 

Within the flurry of spray, fumes and colour it was exciting to watch the inter-house graffiti competition evolving. Each house had a team of six and within two minute intervals, only one person could wield a spray can, so it demanded some team effort and planning as well as spontaneous responses. 

The responses ranged from the colorfully abstract, to the hard edge political, but the overall message was that times are changing, and we need to embrace it through action.

Third place went to Lockites for a well-executed series of stenciled clocks representing time:

Second place went to Gownboys, who highlighted a 'post-pop' character with ZOOM spayed onto its head:

First place went to Davisites - a tight team who despite being none-artists, conceived a deceptively simple design using the dark spires of Charterhouse with 'times are changing' stenciled overhead:

Well done to everyone who took part.