La Fête de Noël 2021

Art, French, Music and Theatre joined forces again for this year's Fête de Noël which transported us to the summer sun of the Normandy coastline.

It was a chance to celebrate not only the famous chalk cliffs of Etretat (paper and chicken wire) and the beaches (corrugated cardboard) of Trouville and Cabourg, but also the bicentenary of the birth of French poet Charles Baudelaire (whose albatross made an appearance) and novelist Gustave Flaubert (his parrot was there too!) as well as other literary, musical and artistic greats from la belle France who had links with Normandy.

Against the extraordinary backdrop of the set, created in Concert Hall by Miss Helen Pinkney and the Fête team, we heard readings and live music from some of our talented linguists and musicians. The smells of warm cider and 'frites' were welcome additions to the sounds and sights of this rather off-the-wall, 'one night only' event, that has become one of those unique and much-anticipated Charterhouse events.