Broadwater-Charterhouse Partnership

Staff attend latest joint seminar with Broadwater colleagues

The Broadwater-Charterhouse Educational Partnership was signed in 2018 by Dr Alex Peterken, Headmaster of Charterhouse, and Lizzi Matthews, Headteacher of Broadwater, our nearest secondary school in Godalming. The partnership is founded on the schools’ shared commitment to excellence in academic, co-curricular and pastoral matters, and a range of activities have already taken place involving staff and students from both schools.

On Tuesday 5 March, colleagues came together at Broadwater for our termly staff development seminar. The subject of the latest instalment was safeguarding and child protection, a critical area for any school. Charterhouse attendees included the Assistant Head (Pupil Welfare), Senior Counsellor, and representatives of the teaching and pastoral staff.

For Elaine Downes, Matron of Daviesites, it was a poignant return to her own old school. “It was good to be back at Broadwater and see how much has changed,” commented Elaine. “With a subject as important and ever-changing as safeguarding, the chance to compare good practice with colleagues from another school was very useful indeed, and something I hope we can do more of in the future.”

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