Charterhouse Spirit

As lockdown progressed, Carthusians sought the opportunity to reflect on their experiences, as well as celebrate the school and its artistic endeavours  

Conceived, co-ordinated, filmed, performed and directed by our pupils, this is a small way of marking the passing of the academic year with a celebration of creativity. The film comprises performances of music from across genres, with Louis Thomson (S), Maddie Peacock (F), Zachary Yeoh (S), Benedict Wong (G) and Henry Clements (G), as well as a song in Turkish from Cagla Kazanli (F). There is poetry performed by Theo Needs (B), Maja Fulford (C), Sam Troy (G) (who also composed his poem) and Tare Etifa (Su), who delivers the final poem in the film: Maya Angelou’s Still I rise. We even have two dances from Rhiannon Jones (F), choreographed to music from our recent composition prizes. The performances are interspersed with artwork from Carthusians, exploring the pandemic, as well as the BLM movement. The film culminates with renditions of Tomorrow from Annie by Eva Pomery (F) and Somewhere over the rainbow by our Close Harmony group.

The pupils were able to film some parts of Charterhouse Spirit in School in the last week of the Cricket Quarter, looking forward to a time when the School will be able to gather together as one community on campus again. We hope you will enjoy the chance to enjoy the result of pupils from across the world coming together to end the year with an artistic flourish.