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Climate Action Plan

Our pupils launch a plan to make School more sustainable

On the day that young people across the country are demonstrating for climate justice, Charterhouse pupils have launched their own Action Plan to make the School more sustainable.

The pupils have proposed a number of actions ranging from more emphasis on sustainability in the School's strategic plans, to more immediate suggestions on how to reduce waste in packed lunches and to improve the network of water fountains on the campus. At the start of the week we also saw our first "Meat-Free” Monday across the campus.

One particular aspiration is for the School to become free of single-use plastic by September 2020. Margherita O'Connor, Chair of the pupil's Sustainability Committee said: "Our parents and grandparents have failed to address this crisis so far and the responsibility falls to our generation to make the necessary changes.”

Dr Alex Peterken, Headmaster, said: "As we prepare for full Co-education in 2021, I welcome more emphasis on sustainability and the active involvement of pupils in the ongoing modernisation of Charterhouse".

This week marks Charterhouse's "Go Green" week, organised by the Sustainability Committee of the Pupil Council. A green flag flying from Flagpole to demonstrate the School's solidarity with the environment.

During tutorials this week, tutors discussed sustainability issues with their tutees and showed Greta Thunberg's recent speech to the UN's Climate Change Conference.

If you haven’t seen it already, view Greta’s inspirational speech here:





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