Climate Conference

The Charterhouse Climate Conference was an outstanding success

The Charterhouse Climate Conference ran as an online event from 15 – 19 June. It comprised a series of webinars, delivered by experts and chaired by pupils with Q&A through Zoom. The event was sponsored by SYSTEMIQ , Hartree Partners and Designhouse, the latter producing the below conference logo, based on an original design by Carthusian James MacAlister. The conference was originally going to be on the Charterhouse campus but after COVID-19 it moved online to become much more accessible around the world, as well as being much more sustainable. 

You can view the webinar recordings below with a more detailed summary of the event beneath those:

Recordings from Conference Webinars

These links need passwords - look under the link for the required password and you can paste it in.

Day One:

Webinar 1 | Keynote address   Password: 9Y!1L6h3

Webinar 2 | Circular economy  Password: 6G#K@319

Webinar 3 | Regenerative agriculture  Password: 5a%d#&i@

Day Two:

Webinar 1 | How poetry can save the world  Password: 2p.u2@21

Webinar 2 | Mark Lynas discusses his new book   Password: 9Z#!E1Rk

Webinar 3 | Decarbonising energy  Password: 4l?0zqFp

Day Three: 

Webinar 1 | Financing the green economy  Password: 8P%4!?%*

Webinar 2 | What is climate science?  Password: 5t=7+B6*

Webinar 3 | Employment opportunities in the green economy  Password: 1T.6H8.$

Webinar 4: Carbon offsets and how they work  Password: 7k!Z9&4H

Day Four: 

Webinar 1 | Eco-entrepreneurship Password: 2h=FU?39

Webinar 2 | Maths for planet Earth Password: 8v^@94%n

Webinar 3 | Blue carbon and marine conservation Password: 4k?05H6?

Day Five:

Webinar 1 | David Saddington (COP26)shares his career story  Password: 1R^%6s$1

Webinar 2 | The Green Schools Project   Password: 8Z+z6a22

Webinar 3 | Connecting the dots  Password: 7q&4**4h

Webinar 4 | Closing Address from Headmaster  Password: 1G&U5++5

These links need passwords - look under the link for the required password and you can paste it in.



In her keynote address, former minister and COP 26 President, Claire O’Neill drew attention to early female climate scientist Eunice Foote. 

Will Gaisford, head of English, delivered a webinar titled “How Poetry Can Save the World.”


Irena Spazzapan, head of investment at SystemIQ  (one of our sponsors), discussing decarbonising energy. This image highlights the 3 main routes to decarbonize harder-to-abate sectors in industry and transport along with the 4 main decarbonizing technologies currently in use. 


Old Carthusian, Diana Almazova, spoke about employment opportunities in the green economy. She is a growth manager at Pod Point and emphasised the importance of a charging ecosystem as we move to a electric cars. She highlighted that the car is most likely to be charged at homes and workplaces where the car will have enough time to use a slow charger, however, 10% of charging is done en-route where a super charger is required. 


Dr Kim Polgreen from the Environmental Change Institute spoke about eco-entrepreneurship. She used the above image from the International Labour Organisation to call our attention to the fact that 24 million jobs will open up in the Green economy within the next decade.  


The image below from the webinar by Oceana and WWF was our longest and largest webinar where we had four panelists and one pupil host. 


And here is an infographic to sum up the entire event in quick facts and figures. Well done to everyone who took part!