House University Challenge

House University Challenge has been running this Quarter via Zoom with all houses (and Brooke Hall!) taking part

In the first round the pick of the matches was Daviesites vs Hodgsonites. Daviesites had a five points lead with ten seconds to play, when an incorrect starter caused the scores to level. Hodgsonites won on a sudden death question.

In the quarter-finals, Saunderites had a dominant performance over Pageites, while Brooke Hall took down Girdlestoneites in similarly exuberant fashion.

Two close semi-finals led to a final between Saunderites and Hodgsonites, which in the end saw Saunderites run out as comfortable winners.

Mr Kane would like to thank Shiv Pillai for his help, and nominate the following as the most valuable quizzers through the tournament: Sam Troy, CAMS (Brooke Hall), Eva Pomery, Adam Schilders, Henry Le Feber Robertson, and Fin Marshall.