Old Carthusian Art Society Prize

Millie Vacher wins the Old Carthusian Art Society Prize for the most promising Year 13 pupil studying art

Judges from the Old Carthusian Art Society (OCAS) visited the Art Department 'Studio' on 23 June to select the winner of the inaugural OCAS Prize for the most promising work by Year 13 pupils.

The judges, Peter Burgess (g80) and Charles Lewis (S71), found much to admire and discuss, and were enormously impressed by the overall standard of work, the variety of approaches and the depth of thought.

Peter and Charles said: 'Honourable mentions go to Luis Enriquez (g) for his fine multimedia work and to Jil Sinnes (S) for her witty and mordant film piece. However, in the end the decision has gone to Millie Vacher (V), who receives a prize of £200 for a beautiful series of abstract ceramics based on observations of Roman architecture.'  

They added: 'We wish Millie the very best for her future career and welcome her as a member of OCAS.’

You can view Millie's work below:




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