Own a piece of Charterhouse

Carthusian Day exhibition of recently restored stained glass from the original chapel 

The stained glass windows that graced the Library and the original Charterhouse Chapel in Godalming (now the Old Music School) have languished in storage for many years, surviving two fires and several moves. They have finally been rescued from the basement and are being cleaned and restored by local stained glass artist, Rachel Mulligan, and her colleagues. We hope that much of the repaired glass can be re-used in the new building work at Charterhouse; fragments that are beyond repair are being re-purposed into unique stained glass artworks that can be sold to fund the restoration work. 

There will be a chance to see some of this stunningly beautiful glass on Carthusian Day and also to meet the stained glass artists and learn about their restoration work. To find out more about Rachel Mulligan and her team in advance of the event please visit www.rachelmulligan.co.uk




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