Spotlight on Eva Pomery

Q&A with one of the leading cast of Guys and Dolls 

Year 13 pupil Eva tells us how she came to record this exciting new version of Every Breath You Take and how thrilled she is to playing the leading role of Sarah Brown in the School's production of Guys and Dolls this week. 

Q: How did you first get into singing?

I've been singing since I was about three, attending a weekend performing art school until the age of 12, the same age at which I started gigging by myself, performing swing music in restaurants in Bexhill, as well as performing in the annual Hastings Beatles Day festival with my guitar.

Q: How have you managed to balance your time between your school studies and passion for music? 

I manage to fit gigs in around my academic studies, as well as continuing my formal music training. I attained my Grade 8 singing with Distinction this time last year.

Q: What sort of gigs do you perform at the moment? 

I now do more work in the weddings and functions industry and performed solo at a festival in the summer to roughly 2,500 people. Alongside all of this, my passion for musical theatre has landed me roles in yearly productions at the Hastings White Rock Theatre in musicals such as Barnum, Oliver, and Grease.

Q: Have you found much outlet for your love of the performing arts at Charterhouse? 

Yes, absolutely! Since arriving at Charterhouse, I've joined both the Chamber and Concert choirs, performed songs in Lack of Talent last term, and Plugged last week, and have been cast in the leading role of Sarah Brown in the School's production of Guys and Dolls coming up this week before leave weekend.  

Q: Where did you discover this original version of Every breath You Take

The arrangement of this song is by Scott Bradlee, the musical genius behind the growing 'Scott Bradlee's PostModern Jukebox': I came across their music whilst looking for new repertoire for my swing sets and was hooked instantly and booked tickets to their next concert. I am now using the skills I obtained in Music iGCSE to rearrange my own jazz renditions of songs, and am currently working of a version of Meatloaf's Bat Out Of Hell.

Q: What are your hopes for the future? 

I aspire to continue with my music beyond Charterhouse, and although I am currently aiming to study Law at Cambridge, I will keep performing throughout my degree, ever dreaming of persuing my career further.