Year 13 Virtual Exhibition

Art displayed in a virtual gallery for OC Art Society competition 

This year, due to social distancing requirements imposed by COVID-19, our Year 13 pupils were invited to exhibit their work in a virtual gallery, the link to which can be found below: 

Year 13 Virtual Exhibition | OC Art Society Competition

Everyone was given space for between two and four works and there are about 45 exhibited in total, including seven video pieces. 

OCs, pupils and staff alike all commented on how impressed they were with the virtual gallery space and how they hoped this would enable them to reach a much wider audience. 

Seven members of Old Carthusian Art Society judged the virtual show and commented on how they felt the pupils' work was sophisticated and reflected what was happening in the art world.

The prizes:

OCAS prize for best artist - Leroy Ma 

OCAS (interdisciplinary) prize - Edison Qiu 

Jackson Prize for GCSE - Charles Moreau

Levison Prize (pre-U)  - Charlie Howard