A Sustainable Logo

Year 12 pupil, James, wins design competition for new Sustainability Committee logo

The Charterhouse Sustainability Committee has celebrated its first birthday with the production of a logo. The design of the logo was through a competition open to all pupils. The winning entry selected was by James McAllister. This was then developed by James with the very generous assistance of Designhouse, a London-based branding consultancy who very kindly to offered to help professionalise James's initial ideas.

James commented: "In my design I used the bottle to convey the sustainability ethos of reduce, reuse, recycle and the idea of the tree emerging from the bottle was to show that there is some hope that the natural world can be saved if our generation can step-up to do what is urgently needed".


Hridansh Saraogi, Chairman of the pupil-led committee assisted James in his design and explains "The logo will help us create more of a presence on social media and we are starting to make more use of instagram - we would also like to create some products featuring the logo such as reusable water bottles and bags".

The Sustainability Committee has a number of projects underway. In June a survey of pupils was conducted to gauge interest in various issues related to sustainability . The findings showed clear support for reduced reliance on single-use plastic at Charterhouse and more visible recycling facilities but a small reduction of meat in school menus is more controversial with pupils split evenly between both sides. A clothes swapping event is being run at the Artifex, the school's showcase Arts Festival and an installation of plastic bottles collected at school at the site of the former Oak will draw attention to a key aspect of sustainability.

Tim Reynolds, mentor of the committee commented: "I am extremely grateful to Designhouse for their support and also to the pupils who have bought in to this project with so much enthusiasm".

Our congratulations go to James for this fantastic achievement.

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Please view some images below of potential product ideas. 










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