Alisha wins Alastair Ramsay Award

Charterhouse is delighted to announce that Old Carthusian Alisha Iyer (F14) has been named as winner of the Alastair Ramsay Award 2018, with current pupils Christina Elling (S) and Hetta Loughlin (H) being Highly Commended.

Established in 2017, the Alastair Ramsay Award exists to promote international social responsibility amongst the Charterhouse community. It is open to all current Specialists (Years 12 and 13) as well as alumni aged twenty-two or under. A financial grant is offered for the winner and runner-up, enabling them to join a project abroad which meets the core aims of contributing to the development of society, and furthering the individual’s and the school’s commitment to citizenship, service and the wider community.

Applications were scrutinised by senior Charterhouse staff and a Foreign and Commonwealth Office diplomat. Alisha Iyer stood out as a unanimous winner, and will receive a £2,000 grant. Currently a History student at University College London, Alisha will be travelling to a Congolese village in Mbarara, Uganda to provide English classes for the most vulnerable members of the refugee community. This will run alongside her team’s wider goal to set up a self-sustaining retail shop run by the local women and youth. Alisha’s application demonstrated her passion for this project, and the lasting impact it will have both on the community and herself.

Alisha commented, “I am beyond thrilled to be accepting this Award and am exceptionally grateful to the panel, Alastair Ramsay and his loved ones for their generosity in helping make this project become a reality. I hope to be able to bring a positive contribution to the community and I know that I will grow and gain so much insight from this experience. I hope that I can honour Alastair Ramsay’s humanitarian legacy to the best of my ability.”

The panel was also very impressed by a joint application from two current Year 12 pupils, Christina Elling and Hetta Loughlin. They have received a £500 grant to teach mathematics and English at a school in Udaipur, India. The project is orchestrated by a non-profit organisation ‘Pod Volunteer’ who will guide the girls into ensuring they are fully integrated into the traditional Indian community in Udaipur. As well as teaching in the school they will be volunteering in running activities at children’s homes and other NGOs in Udaipur. The opportunity to have an influence on these children – often the first generation to receive schooling in this area – will not only provide an unparalleled experience for the children and the girls, but it will also positively impact the less economically advantaged community and contribute to increasing development in the long term.

The Award is named in memory of Alastair Ramsay (W85), an Old Carthusian of remarkable qualities. Following significant academic and sporting achievements at Charterhouse, he went on to Oxford and then to a highly successful career in which he combined professional excellence with an abiding commitment to charitable causes, especially in the developing world. A passionate traveller, Alastair contributed to a range of projects working to make the world a better and a fairer place, before dying tragically young in 2007 aged just 39. The Award has been developed with Alastair’s family, and is generously supported by a close friend from his Charterhouse days. The inaugural winners, Euan McDougall and Katie Hastings, joined projects in Rwanda and Tanzania respectively, during the summer of 2017.

For more information about the Alastair Ramsay Award, or about Charterhouse’s Community & Partnerships programme and Citizenship education, please contact Mr Ben Nicholls:


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