Celebrating our Volunteers

Celebrating our Volunteers

On Monday 13 May, we hosted our annual afternoon tea to celebrate the incredible contributions of our volunteer pupils, dedicated staff and supportive partners.

This special occasion recognised the hard work and commitment of everyone involved in our volunteer programme throughout the 2023/24 school year.

This year, 60 First Year Specialists (Year 12) chose to volunteer as part of their elective programme. These pupils made a significant impact by helping in various settings, including care homes, charity shops, community cafes, day and youth centres, and by participating in our carousel programme for local primary schools once a week for 20 weeks.

The feedback from these placements has been extremely positive:

  • 82% of pupils would recommend their placement to their peers.
  • 97% strongly agree or agree that their ability to take responsibility has improved.
  • 97% strongly agree or agree that their ability to work in a team has improved.
  • 92% strongly agree or agree that their communication skills have improved.
  • 89% strongly agree or agree that their ability to be creative and innovative/problem solve has improved.
  • 97% strongly agree or agree that their ability to be adaptable has improved.
  • 95% strongly agree or agree that their ability to lead has improved.

These impressive results show how much our pupils have grown through their volunteer experiences, learning valuable skills that will benefit them in the future.

Here are some quotes from our pupils about their experiences:

Taking part made me realise the impact of giving a few hours of my time.

I learned to manage an excited group of kids.

A lot of patience and adaptability was required.

Improved my people skills.

These reflections highlight the personal growth and learning our pupils have gained from their volunteer work. The annual afternoon tea was a wonderful opportunity to share these stories, celebrate the achievements of our volunteers, and inspire others to get involved in the future.

We also want to acknowledge the crucial role of our staff and partners who supported and guided the pupils. Their collaboration was essential to the success of the programme and made the volunteer experience enriching and rewarding for everyone involved.

As we look forward to the next School year, we are excited to continue fostering a spirit of service and community engagement. The successes of the 2023/24 programme demonstrate the lasting value of volunteerism and its positive impact on both personal development and community wellbeing.