Charterhouse Fireworks Disturbance

On 2 July 2022 Charterhouse held its annual Leavers’ Ball, which included a firework display. The event, which is the culmination of a pupil’s time at Charterhouse, followed the same pattern as previous years, and our licence conditions, but for some unforeseen reason (we believe it was due to the particular atmospheric conditions at the time) the noise caused by the fireworks was much louder than we expected and it caused considerable disturbance to our neighbours. This was not our intention and we are very sorry for any disruption caused.

In light of this issue, and feedback from neighbours, the School has already started to review the plans for next year to see if there are options for reducing the negative effects on those living around the site. Once these options have been reviewed and discussed with our pupils, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss our revised proposals for the evening (and methods for communicating in advance) with appropriate representatives of the local community. This is likely to happen towards the end of the Autumn Term.