Charterhouse Lifeboat Preservation

The Charterhouse lifeboat is retiring to the West Wales Maritime Heritage Museum

Charterhouse, the lifeboat which was built at the beginning of the twentieth century, performed many heroic rescues, including one particularly daring and arduous rescue near Fishguard, for which she travelled to London to be presented with medals by the Prince of Wales.

The boat had an advanced design for its time. It had a petrol engine, buoyancy tanks, and a hull designed to withstand a battering on the rocks. Sails and oars were provided as a backup for the engine - just as well, for in the heavy seas and hurricane winds of the award-winning rescue, the engine gave out, the sails were ripped to shreds, and the crew had to row for many hours to make safe harbour.

Charterhouse has now found a home on the quayside at the West Wales Maritime Heritage Museum. The plan is to make the boat a permanent exhibit, to show visitors how it looked when ready for a shout. Restorers will need paint, preservatives, and materials to restore the fixtures and fittings - as well as display panels, a cover, and a rostrum to let people look inside.

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