Charterhouse Malaysia Opens

Charterhouse and Charterhouse Asia are delighted to announce that Charterhouse Malaysia, the International Sixth Form College in Kuala Lumpur, welcomes its first pupils to study A Levels today. Pupils aged 16 to 19, from all nationalities and cultures will study the Cambridge A Level curriculum, over two years, with a view to accessing the top universities globally.

The College offers an education programme that draws from many of the traditions of Charterhouse in the UK and its academic credentials as well as Charterhouse Asia’s mission to develop global communities where pupils and teachers study, create and inspire.  

Charterhouse Asia Ltd is based in Hong Kong under the leadership of Old Carthusian, Sabrina Chao and its well-resourced teams are making significant progress in a number of different territories, including Malaysia and mainland China.

Richard Davidson, Headteacher at Charterhouse Malaysia

The Headteacher, Richard Davidson, has had a long career of leadership in international schools and joins us from heading the large and well-regarded Tenby School in Ipoh, Malaysia. He is very well served by his deputies, Tom Robinson (Deputy Head Pastoral), who has extensive experience of managing student welfare at leading schools in Malaysia, and Rachael Smith (Deputy Head Academic), who joins the team from a career spent in the UK and the Middle-East building considerable expertise in academic leadership of A Level programmes.