Charterhouse Wildlife Photographer

Sally outside Sutton House

We are delighted to share with you an inspiring story (and a special talent!) of one of our staff members, Sally Howard.

Sally started working for Charterhouse in Verites in 2019, then moved to Sutton last September as a cleaner.

In 2015, Sally lost her dad to a sudden heart attack, and then in 2019, she lost her mum to cancer. Losing parents was the hardest thing, says Sally. "I picked up my dad's camera and everything has gone from there." 

Photography means a lot to Sally – it has enormously helped her get through that difficult time. She is a member of a local Facebook club called 'Snap It Camera Club' and that has played a massive part of in her life. Richard Symonds, who runs the club, has helped Sally greatly and she says she wouldn’t be where she is today without him and the group.

Sally uses a Nikon D750 and loves animals, sunsets and sunrises. Her favourite place is to take photographs is Bushy Park.

"The hardest subject to take a picture of is a kingfisher as they are so quick, but one of my favourites," Sally confesses.

A piece of advice from Sally is to "always remember when you are in a bad place and feeling low, there are people to talk to and help you; And try to find something that takes your mind of things."

Sally's photographs are on a display on one of the walls in Sutton House.

See below some of the photos taken by Sally.