Children of Khayelitcha

Recent leaver Joelle Scheinin reflects on her volunteering experiences in South Africa in light of the COVID-19 crisis

A group of 12 sixth-form pupils had the privilege to go to South Africa last October to volunteer in elementary schools in the township of Khayelitcha. A life changing experience  for all of us. 

The pandemic has unveiled how lucky we are that we do not have to worry for shelter or food. Unfortunately, for our friends in Khayelitcha, that is very much not the case. Therefore, we want to raise money for Mellon Educate, so that we can continue to support the children we taught in South Africa. Please consider donating to this very worthwhile cause using the link below: 

Charterhouse for Mellon | Fundraising Page 

Here are some ways your money would help:

  • £15 feeds a family of 6-9 for a month inc. maize, samp and beans, rice, flour/soya, flavouring, cooking oil, tinned fish, peanut butter, sugar, apples, juice, hand sanitiser/soap
  • £40 pays for a ‘return to school pack’, inc. a raincoat, waterproof boots, hat/face shield, umbrella, school socks, hand sanitiser and stationery pack 
  • £200 can provide supplies for 100 people through a Community Food Store inc. rice, pasta, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, spinach, maize, tinned fish, salt, oil, split pea soup mix, onions, tomatoes.