Climate Conference

Our annual Charterhouse Climate Conference, which ran from 14 June to 16 June, was a huge success again this year

A series of webinars was delivered by experts and chaired by pupils with Q&A through Zoom. Talks were from a variety of companies including: CCm Technologies, Lancaster University, Roots for the Future, DelAgua Group, EcoOcean, EfL, United Nations and the University of Manchester and we had some really positive feedback from attendees: 

'I thought the whole event was superb.  There were wide ranging topics all relevant to today's crisis of global warming, the waste we create in the world and the suffering of wildlife and ecology in the oceans.'

Recordings from Conference Webinars

These links need passwords - look under the link for the required password and you can paste it in.

Day One:

Webinar 1 | Waste is only a resource in the wrong place  Password: 6r8C*2QH

Webinar 2 | How does psychology relate to climate actions?  Password: LdRPB5*d

Webinar 3 | Social entrepreneurship and community interest: solutions to the climate crisis  Password: L!DM7ssc

Day Two:

Webinar 1 | Social enterprise: promoting environmental sustainability and empowering people  Password: 0uqg3^s4

Webinar 2 | Israel and the Sea: protecting the sea and coastal region  Password: NC&2+$PN

Webinar 3 | The importance of turning London's transport green  Password: 58gv!^=+

Day Three: 

Webinar 1 |  Restoring peatlands: returning 'ecosystem services' and mitigating climate change Password: 47L*+P!D

Webinar 2 |  Reversing the effects of climate change via ecosystem restoration Password: 1mLb8@SS