Full coeducation at Charterhouse

We are delighted to announce that we will be welcoming girls into Year 9 from September 2021.

Full coeducation at Charterhouse is an important decision that the Governing Body has taken as part of its development strategy for the School.

Building on the success of our coeducational Sixth Form – where girls have flourished since 1971 – we are moving to full coeducation from the age of 13. We look forward to welcoming our first girls into the Fourth Form (Year 9) in September 2021, the year in which we will celebrate half a century of girls at Charterhouse. 

There will be girls in every year group from September 2023. As the School is currently full, the School roll will grow over the next decade to around 1,000 pupils, the increase representing additional places for girls.

Building on our Strengths

We have all seen first-hand the benefits of coeducation in our Sixth Form. We want to extend those social, cultural and academic advantages to the whole community of the School. Charterhouse’s educational approach has stood the test of time. Younger girls will thrive, as do our boys and older girls, on our commitment to care, independent learning, pupil leadership, and both academic and extra-curricular challenge and breadth.

A Strategy for the Unfolding World

The world of work is changing profoundly and at great speed. We believe the best preparation for a rewarding and fulfilling life in this exciting future is a first class education for boys and girls learning together as partners and equals – just as they will work together as adults to take on opportunities and tackle challenges.

The responsibility of our Governing Body is to put in place, and to oversee delivery of, a long-term strategy that supports and benefits our pupils. The move to coeducation is a fundamental part of that strategy.

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