Green is the New Black

Charterhouse Business and Entrepreneurship Department host Honor Cowen, a leading Sustainability Consultant

At a fascinating talk earlier this week, Honor focused on the harsh realities of trying to make apparel more sustainable; from sustainable sourcing and production through to usage and end of life. Our pupils particularly enjoyed Honor’s practical advice on how to become a more sustainable consumer. Honor spent time talking about ‘greenwashing’ and ‘greenwishing’, providing us with a stark reminder that what companies say, and what companies do are often two very different things.

Honor spoke as part of the Charterhouse Entrepreneurship Speaker Series, a series of talks focusing on all aspects of business and the entrepreneurial journey. Our next talk is on November 3rd, where serial entrepreneur Simon Squibb, CEO and founder of the Purposeful Project. Simon will be speaking to pupils about his journey and experience with modern digital marketing methods. Please email if you would like to attend this talk.