Marksmanship Trophy

Pupils win prestigious award at the annual Pringle Trophy competition

The Charterhouse Royal Marines detachment won the prestigious Marksmanship competition last weekend during the annual Pringle Trophy competition held at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines in Lympstone, Devon. The competition brings together the best RM sections in the country for a gruelling test of military skills and physical endurance.

In addition to shooting, the competition included the RM Assault Course, RM Endurance Course (featuring the infamous ‘sheep dip’), section attack, drill, stretcher race, modern urban combat (clearing a house full of enemy), stalking an enemy position, command tasks and map reading.

The team of 9 cadets was superbly led by Cdt Sgt Zelda Kenny who received a special mention from the organisers for her outstanding command and control and featured Year 12, Year 13 and Year 11 pupils who put in many hours of preparation prior to the competition.


  • Zelda Kenny (Section Commander)
  • Henry Graham (Section Second in Charge)
  • Charlie Reay
  • Tom Miller
  • Mitsu Jeffcock
  • Ollie Muir
  • Jonny Wilkinson
  • Max Stockmeier
  • Matt Pulford



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