Mental Health Week

Throughout this week, we will be celebrating and supporting Children's Mental Health week

Each evening this week there are pupil-led discussion groups, with the first theme being ‘Taking off the Mask’, which promises to be a very interesting and moving talk. There will be a question and answer session, during which time the teachers will leave to create a more confidential atmosphere.

We are also running a Worries and Concerns campaign on the School's intranet, with help, advice and resources for anyone who might be struggling.

The Library also has a range of interesting books following this year's theme: Inside and Out. 


This witty, honest and enlightening guide to the whirrings of your brain is the perfect read for any young person who's ever felt overwhelmed, at a loss or in a downward spiral. It's full of friendly advice, coping strategies and laugh-out-loud moments to get you through the difficult days.


In this clear and supportive guide to young people's mental health, Juno Dawson, author of This Book is Gay [part of the LGBT display in the library], and clinical psychologist Dr Olivia Hewitt discuss a range of issues - whether fleeting or long term - and how to manage them.


 Sarah Wilson has lived through high anxiety – including bipolar, OCD and several suicide attempts – her whole life. Perhaps like you, she grew tired of seeing anxiety as a disease that must be medicated into submission. Could anxiety be re-sewn, she asked, into a thing of beauty?


'How To Be Happy' is a workbook offering a place of solace, distraction, and a fresh perspective on life. This book will not fix you and it will not make you happy, but it promises to help you rediscover the simple pleasures in life and, ultimately, make you feel that little less sad.


More information on Children's Mental Health Week is available here.






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