Ottimo lavoro Giorgio!

Ottimo lavoro Giorgio!

Having an entrepreneurial mindset is about much more than having the drive to begin your own business – 'a good blend of passion and resilience' is Year 13 pupil Giorgio's top advice. 

In January 2022, Giorgio (Year 13) founded a company with three friends from his previous school. Theoremz is a website aimed at Italian students’ revision for the national school course. It enables users to easily access simple and easy-to-understand lessons ranging from straightforward topics to lengthier ones. In the future, the company are planning to expand their services to create a platform in which older students will be able to be supervised while they connect with younger mathematicians. They are currently focused on improving the tutor section of the website, where they are building a function to pair up customers (students) with certified tutors while doing everything on Theoremz, with no third parties involved.

They have a  staggering 1.7 million users, with over 12,000 accounts created and a relatively large social media reach. On average, over 80,000 students access Theoremz every day. Today, they have 25,000 followers on Instagram, 29,000 on TikTok, and over 1,000 on their new YouTube channel.

Giorgio explained that the initial idea originated during his first years of Italian high school. He and his friends decided to create a forum called 'Knowledge and Wisdom' in which students from their school could interact with each other in order to seek help in maths-related subjects.

This later evolved into what is now Theoremz. Their success can be attributed to thorough cooperation and learning from past mistakes. No sunk costs have been invested in creating the website, therefore, all their knowledge was self-taught (from coding to business planning).

Giorgio's advice for young entrepreneurs is to always strive to make the best out of the decisions you make. He believes that being able to create something, and be successful with it, requires a good blend of passion and resilience. It is essential to start small, while at the same time thinking big. Being able to adapt is also a key strength to have. When the situation isn’t the one you were hoping for, it is essential to be able to capitalise on everything either way. And finally, learning from mistakes and investing in continuous learning. While at the same time, keeping ambitions high and never giving up.

Thanks to my studies in Business & Management for IBDP at School, I have applied most of the theoretical things I studied in class, in my real-life business. Seeing the actual benefits and effectiveness of the things I learned in School. This has been one of my best experiences at Charterhouse.

Giorgio, Year 13

Giorgio hopes to further his studies in the field of Business Management and pursue a career in business. He is also very interested in politics and has certainly made an impressive start on his career path. 

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*ottimo lavoro - excellent work