Pride Celebrations and Diversity Week

June marks Pride Month across the world, an annual celebration recognising the anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall Riots which are often recognised as a founding moment for LGBTQ+ liberation.

Charterhouse has been be doing a number of things to recognise this important EDI celebration.

Visual Allyship

We know how much LGBTQ+ members of the Charterhouse community appreciate visual signs of support and allyship. To this end, we have organised a few initiatives to celebrate Pride in terms of optics.

Pride Flag flown on Wednesday 22 June

From Wednesday 22 June, the Progress Pride flag has been flown from Flagpole. 

Pride Email Signature

We have designed a Pride Month version of the Charterhouse logo that our staff and pupils can choose to use in their signatures during the month of June. 

Diversity Week Celebrations

As well as June being Pride Month, this week (20-24 June) marks Schools Diversity Week in the UK. On the afternoon of Wednesday 22 June, pupils were released from classes to attend a carousel of events relating to various intersectional EDI themes. 

This involved: 

1) A panel on EDI in the workplace, featuring an OC, Mr Charlie Mole (P07), who now works for the Home Office and Ms Farzana Aslam (Director and Principal Consultant of Kintillo, with extensive international legal experience and two decades’ experience of EDI projects). Mr Mole and Ms Aslam are pictured centre and right below, with Mr Jones, Staff Mentor for Price, pictured left:

2) A talk on EDI in International Sport, given by an OC, Hugo Sheckter (P09), whose organisation supports footballers and their families to settle into new clubs, including with cultures very different from their own.

3) A talk by Laila El-Metoui, prominent Education Consultant and advocate for the benefits of inclusion and practical ways to achieve this. She speaks particularly in relation to race/religion/sexuality. Laila is the Founder of Pride in Education and Educating Out Racism. While managing the Welcome to Tower Hamlets project for new migrants and refugees, Laila revived four staff networks (Women, BAME, Disabilities and LGBT+).

4) Head Monitors of Houses leading sessions with Fourths (Year 9) in relation to our new/revised Charters (anti-bullying, anti-racism, anti-sexism, LGBTQ+).

5) Fund and awareness-raising activities, led by Monitors in Houses.