Remote Control Society

Read a report on the Charterhouse Remote Control Society written by our Year 10 pupil Hugo

A report by Year 10 pupil, Hugo Ballard

This year, for the first time I have had the pleasure of running the Remote Control Society along with the help of Harry Church and an enthusiastic group of pupils from Year 9 and 10. Throughout the year we have been able to learn about the ins and outs of remote control cars and have been able to start building a new one. Though not quite complete, we will finish building the models next year and we all really excited to see the finished product.

Undoubtedly, the most exciting part of the society is driving the cars and this is something that we’ve done a lot of this year. It is also something that we can work to improve next year. We currently have two cars to drive, one of which reaches 65mph! I also have plans to build a ramp with the society and hopefully set up a track where we can race the cars.

It has been a really enjoyable experience to form the society with the Fourths who joined this year and I hope next year can be even better. I would also like to thank Mr Aberneithie for helping me set up the society and keep it running smoothly. I look forward to starting it again next year.



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