Stephen Lawrence Day Webinar with Stuart Lawrence

On Friday evening the Unity Society organised a webinar with Stuart Lawrence, brother of Stephen Lawrence. There were over 150 participants who joined the webinar from a variety of different schools. 

Stuart discussed systematic areas of inequality, issues around discrimination and gave details regarding the police's response to the murder of Stephen Lawrence. Stuart acknowledged that the movement of anti-racism has progressed as we are now able to have these open discussions, however there is still a long way to go until everyone understands their part to play in anti-racism. 

One of the main points from Stuart's talk was that everyone has a part to play and that empathy is the highest form of intelligence, this is particularly relevant given the news in the last year. 

Stuart has recently published the book Silence is not an option. You can impact the world for change. His book covers a variety of topics including being the best person you can be, using your determination to create a better world for others, role models and self control.

Many thanks to all pupils involved and Rotimi Akinsete, Jan Symes and Louise Wilson for the support they gave the pupils who took the lead in asking Stuart questions. 

To find out more about the Stephen Lawrence case and Stephen Lawrence Day visit their website. 

Stephen Lawrence Day website