The Fourths' Forest

Charterhouse Yearlings in Community Tree Planting Project

 As part of their Citizenship programme, all Year 9 pupils at Charterhouse (known as 'Yearlings') have recently been working with Roots for the Future, a unique social enterprise based in Godalming.

Over the course of a few months, every new boy at Charterhouse worked with Roots for the Future in a tree-planting project across the Charterhouse campus. As well as learning about climate change and the critical importance of trees for our planet and our health, the boys enjoyed getting their hands dirty, demonstrating the Carthusian qualities of responsibility and perseverance, and playing their bit in making our planet a better place.

‘The Fourths’ Forest’ has been dedicated to the memory of the many Carthusians who died in the World Wars.

A full report of this wonderful experience can be found on the Roots for the Future website. 

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