Trip to Greece

Classics pupils explore the history and beauty of Greece 

Over Exeat (half-term) the Classics Department led a group of 15 pupils around the Greek mainland for a week of sightseeing, sunshine and souvlaki!

Pupils got to explore, amongst others, the centres of ancient democracy in Athens; the religious and social crossroads that was ancient Delphi (home to probably the most spectacular views in the classical world); Olympia, home to the ancient games and Zeus’ remarkable temple; there was even the chance to dip toes in the sea after long days exploring Nestor and Agamemnon’s palaces at Pylos and Mycenae respectively.

All benefitted not only from the energy and expertise of team leader Mr Jim Freeman, but also the impressive range of ideas our pupils in particular were able to contribute in discussion. Thanks also to Ms Anthea Lawrence, and Mr Jonny Nelmes for their support and enthusiasm throughout. 


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