World Kindness Day

To mark World Kindness Day we are reflecting on one of our core values, Kindness

Here at Charterhouse we believe that it is fundamental to be gentle on ourselves whilst being considerate of the needs of others. This allows us to be accepting of ourselves and own abilities and sensitive towards the needs of other people.  

Our Monitors have come up with ten suggestions of small acts that may make someone else's day:

  1. Wish someone well for a sports fixture or musical performance they have coming up.
  2. Hold the door open for somebody you do not know.
  3. Tell your friend three things you appreciate about them but have never told them. 
  4. Call a family member you have not heard from in a while, they will be thankful for it. 
  5. Ask someone in a different year how they are feeling. 
  6. Suggest doing a favour for someone you disagree with. 
  7. At lunch, ask a friend if they want a glass of water if you are getting one yourself. 
  8. Offer to help somebody pick up their dropped folders. 
  9. Give five people compliments at different times throughout the day.
  10. Thank a teacher for their advice for your subject. 

We're looking forward to hearing everyone's own ideas about how they show kindness, and remember, kindness if often reciprocated! 

Wkd artwork