Charterhouse Re-ConnectED!

Charterhouse Re-ConnectED!

From myself, Archie (W23) and Katya (Su21) a warm thank you to everyone we spoke to as part of our Charterhouse Re-Connect Campaign, which has now concluded. We spoke to over 300 OCs, and learnt about where your education and careers post Charterhouse have taken you. We’ve also received fantastic feedback from our community, including multiple requests for live streaming and providing recordings of our events, including lectures, musical performances and concerts. We will be looking to make this facility available in the future, and appreciate that it will enable our international community in particular to remain more firmly connected with the School.

We place great value in ensuring that the School’s OC records are up to date, in order that we can share news and events relevant to you, which we hope will benefit your personal network and professional development. We look forward to continuing our global outreach and conversations in 2024!

Thank you to everyone who offered to engage with our mentoring programme, offered a business venue for hospitality purposes, and offered careers assistance for our younger generation of OCs. It is incredible to see the widespread support in our community, and it will be wonderful to welcome even more individuals to our professional networking events in the coming months.

Teleri Allen, Foundation Office

There are so many ways to get involved with our OC community and you can find out more using the links below or by contacting the Foundation Office:

Careers Talks and Assistance
Hospitality Volunteers
OC Ambassadors
Academic Volunteers
Alumni Profiles

If you'd like to update your address, business details or contact preferences in the future, please feel free to get in touch with Teleri directly: or complete our OC Update Form.

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