OC Awarded Top University Prize

Bill Freeman wins Oxford's Gibbs Prize for his performance in Classics 

The Gibbs Prize, named after Mr Charles D D Gibbs, awards Oxford University students who have excelled in various academic subjects and disciplines across the University. 

Each year, the University of Oxford awards a Gibbs prize of £250 for the "Best Overall Performance in Honour Moderations in Classics". Honour Moderations (Mods) are examinations in Greek and Latin language, literature, and culture taken by Classics students after five terms' study.

This year's winner was Bill Freeman (S2016), currently a student at Brasenose College, who left Charterhouse having won D1 grades in Latin, Greek and German along with an A in Religious Studies.

Bill is currently studying for various papers on Latin Literature, the Hellenistic Period, Greek Art and Archaeology, and 20th Century Greek and English poetry. He's also enjoying rowing for the Brasenose Men's VIII and performing with the Oxford Revue. 

Congratulations to Bill on this outstanding achievement.