OC Volunteers for NHS

Kieran Nash tells us why he decided to volunteer 

Kieran Nash (F16) left Charterhouse in 2016 to go to York University to read Politics and International Relations. Having completed this degree, Kieran is currently studying for a Masters at UCL. When coronavirus spread across the UK Kieran decided he wanted to play his part and help volunteering. He shares some thoughts with us here.

"We collectively find ourselves in a very strange and new situation, overturning the lives of many and leaving them in a period of angst and concern. However, much can be done to aid those in need, all through rediscovering our sense of duty. For example, I have decided to become both an NHS Volunteer Responder and Red Cross Community Reserve. This was as a consequence of seeing my mother, a key worker, selflessly putting herself at risk every week, without complaint. It gave me no reason or excuse not to contribute, especially since these initiatives provide such indispensable support to many. 

Moreover, volunteering is not the only avenue you can pursue to make a difference. To keeping in regular touch with relatives to protect them from loneliness, to supporting local, independent businesses, there are a plethora of ways in which we can all exercise our duty for this national contributory effort. In the end, we must follow the Queen's advice; to ensure that when this is over, we can take pride in our responses to this unparalleled challenge."  

Well done Kieran - we are all incredibly proud of you. Keep up the good work!