Old Carthusian Yacht Club takes to the waves

Old Carthusians battle it out for Cecil Donne Cup and Beaumont Bowl

On Friday 6 July, on Hayling Island, the Old Carthusian Yacht Club took to the waves for the Cecil Donne Cup and Beaumont Bowl. After a careful re-examination of the RTIR results book, the official Cecil Donne Cup and Beaumont Bowl results are:

Cecil Donne Cup              

Winner                Jonathan Rolls (W64), Xara, 87th in IRC

Runner Up          David Hunt (S65), Jumblesail 2, 143rd in IRC

Xara: 2018 Cecil Donne Cup champions!

Beaumont Bowl

Winner                Peter Dickson (L63), Star-born 4, 1st in class, 3rd out of 614 in ISC

Runner Up          Stephen Carter (S72), Firefly, 16th in class, 126th out of 614 in ISC

The Hon. Sec. inspects his Windex while competing in the Beaumont Bowl

The trophies will be presented in Upper Brooke Hall at our AGM Dinner in March 2019 where the after-dinner speaker will be the yachting journalist Tom Cunliffe.

A solid performance by the Commodore saw Thalia reaching nicely

The full results are below:

You can see the full match report, along with additional photographs here.

Tim Tolcher steering Raging Bull tenaciously towards the RTI finish line

Peter Dickson on Star-born 4 obtained a spectacular 3rd out of 614 boats in ISC


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