The 1611 Society

Celebrating our youngest supporter, Old Carthusian, Thomas Ruffell 

Thomas Ruffell (D05) is 32 years old and our youngest 1611 Society member. Having recently joined the society, Thomas tells us: “I personally benefitted from a bursary whilst at Charterhouse, and I realise that this was only possible because other former pupils and members of the School community had donated to the Bursary Fund.

"It is so easy to detach yourself from the School once you have left, but there are children who are both in the School, and wanting to come to Charterhouse, who need financial help and will benefit from the Charterhouse community’s support. My donation is a small contribution, but multiple small contributions when put together, make a very meaningful difference to a bursary pupil and their future. It is great to think that a current pupil, whose family may have been impacted financially though COVID-19 or without means, could be benefiting from the small contribution that I have made.”

We at Charterhouse would like to thank Thomas and others like him who can see the benefit in supporting the School, its bursary programme and our projects.

You can find out more about the society and membership levels using the link below: 

The 1611 Society - Further Information