A Round-Up of Girls' Sport

It has been a busy three weeks for girls' sport with many inter-house competitions being enjoyed in the sunshine 

Inter-House Football

On Tuesday 16 March we held the annual inter-house football tournament for the girls. The buzz around Pitch K and O was a joy to be part of. With every House fielding four teams it was a busy afternoon. A round robin tournament for both Year 12 and Year 13 in their year group bubbles enabled all girls in the Houses to get involved and take part. Highly competitive matches with all teams and the noise when goals were scored was a welcome change from the silence that we have had in recent weeks around the School. 

The Year 12 tournament was dominated by a strong Sutton 1st team who won all their matches and just drew with a strong Fletcherites 1st side. Chetwynd 2nd team managed to finish in second place overall with three draws and one win. 

When results were combined amongst the two teams, the results were as follows:

1st Sutton
2nd Chetwynd
3rd Fletcherites

The Year 13 tournament was held inside and it attracted many spectators. Competitive as normal, we knew this tournament was going to be a success. It was a draw on points between Chetwynd and Sutton but Chetwynd got the victory based on goals for, just by one goal. 

1st Sutton
2nd Chetwynd
3rd Fletcherites

When the results were combined across both year groups and all teams, Sutton took the trophy. 

1st Sutton
2nd Chetwynd
3rd Fletcherites

Special mention should go to Marita Persico Frova, Emily Weil, Alexa Mukherjee, Camilla Pearce from Year 12 for some outstanding play on the field.

Lucy Ellis, Millie Groom and Ela Chawla from Year 12 were singled out for displaying excellent Carthusian values on the pitch.

In Year 13, a special mention should go to Lola Petermeijer, Berta Galindo Cutillas and Londyn Denford for strong performances.

Hero Coles, Marianna Jones and Sophie Stingelin were chosen for the Carthusian award of the day.

Inter-House Netball

It was action packed afternoon on the netball courts on Thursday 18 March for the inter-house netball tournament. With the ball travelling fast down the court, interceptions being made and goals being scored we knew that all matches would be close. Some outstanding players across both years, displayed both excellent skills and team work. It showcased what our netball teams would have been like, if fixtures had occurred this quarter.

Chetwynd 1st team won the overall tournament beating Sutton 1st team by one goal when it went to goals for. They were both equal on points with 3 wins and one draw.

Combined results for the 1YS were as follows:

1st Sutton
2nd Chetwynd
3rd Fletcherites

The Year 13 final was a match between Chetwynd and Fletcherites. Chetwynd took the win but when the results were combined Sutton took the overall trophy by some solid performances by both of the their Year 12 teams.

Special mentions should go to the following girls for excellence on the court: Hero Coles and  Scarlett MacGregor.

Alanagh Kelly and Amelia Pritchard were commended for displaying Carthusian values.

Inter-House Lacrosse

On 23 March, with the bright sun shining and the warmth finally here we held the inter-house lacrosse tournament. This had been postponed from the end of the autumn term when many pupils had to isolate. Unfortunately, we were hit again by absence, so Fletcherites had to withdraw. It didn’t stop the enthusiasm from the other Houses and the standard of play was high. Annabel Lawson dominated the Sutton play, but Mia Viventi, Camilla Pearce were determined not to let her have a clear path towards the goal. It was lovely to see so many non-lacrosse girls get involved and for me that is the reason behind inter-house sport.

Sutton took the win with an end result of 8-5.

Special mention should go to the Annabel Lawson, Iryna Muravskam Mia Viventi, Maria Aloi for displaying some excellent skills.

Emma Haynes, Camilla Pearce, Hattie Cole and Susie Bullivant must be commended for their effort and enthusiasm on the pitch and the progress they made over a short space of time.

Netball this Term

Over the course of the last three weeks we have had the chance to get the girls on the court and playing again. Many internal matches were played, full sided with the modified rules as well as fast 5. It was great to see many of the Year 12 pupils playing for the first time at Charterhouse and both weekends we have had a very competitive internal match amongst the Year 12's.

It is fantastic to see the high level of ability we have amongst our girls and it certainly gives us an outstanding platform to build on next year, when hopefully our full netball programme will run.

On Tuesday 23 March we held a small prize-giving to celebrate everything that the girls have achieved over these two tough terms. Hockey and lacrosse prizes were given out from the autumn term and football and netball from this term. Award winners as follows:

Football - Year 12

Coaches Award- Marita Persico Frova

Carthusian Award- Emily Weil

Most Improved- Millie Groom

Football - Year 13

Coaches Award- Berta Galindo Cutillas

Carthusian Award- Katharina Wallach

Most Improved- Mirabelle Mekki

Netball - Year 12

Coaches Award- Annie Arbuthnot & Susie Bullivant

Carthusian Award- Alexa Mukherjee & Camilla Pearce

Most Improved- Astrid Riddoch & Sienna Wallis

Netball - Year 13

Coaches Award- Hero Coles

Carthusian Award- Imogen Wareham

Most Improved/ Versatile- Scarlett MacGregor